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Category: Public Notices

Minor Re-Plat 120 Wheeler Drive

Mr. Tom O’Neal of 120 Wheeler Drive has applied for a minor re-plat of Golden Heights #3, Block 9, Lots 10 and 11.  Mr. Wheeler owns both lots and is asking to re-plat them into one lot.  Building Official Heap may act on the request anytime on or after October 28, 2019.

Minor Re-plat Notification for 312 Mesquite

The City of Glen Rose Building, Planning and Code Enforcement Department is processing a minor re-plat submitted by owner Vicky Ray. Eight (8) existing platted building lots will be re-platted into two (2) lots: Lot 1R and Lot 2R of Block 24 of the original Town of Glen Rose; 312 Mesquite.  Notification of minor re-plats […]