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Barnard’s Mill & Art Museum

****Our last update indicated re-opening of Barnard’s Mill on June 6th****

About the Museum

Barnard’s Mill Art Museum is a facility owned by the Somervell History Foundation. The Art Museum is a part of historic Barnard’s Mill. The mill was the first permanent structure in the Glen Rose area.

The museum building was a gift presented to the Somervell History Foundation by Richard H. Moore, Jr. of Fort Worth. Mr. Moore purchased the building in 1979 and began a 7-year restoration project on the mill, the cotton gin, and the Marks-English Hospital Building. The restoration was completed in 1982 and the Somervell History Foundation was named the recipient of the Mill Complex.

Collection of Works

Today, Mr. Moore houses his fine collection of the Jewell Miears Fielder Foundation, Inc. within the Barnard’s Mill Art Museum. The museum contains oriental and American Indian art and artifacts. The museum contains works from:

  • Jack Bryant
  • Jewell Miears Fielder
  • Morris Henry Hobbs
  • Amy Miears Jackson
  • R. Kleinfelder
  • Robert Summers


307 SW Barnard Street
Glen Rose, TX 76043
Phone: 254-897-7494