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Unclaimed Property

Retrieve Your Property From the City of Glen Rose Texas

The City of Glen Rose is holding various types of property that are unclaimed and presumed abandoned, and which are subject to Title VI, Chapter 76 of the Texas Property Code. Examples of unclaimed property include uncashed checks, deposits, refunds, overpayments, or any other transactions creating a credit balance. According to Sec. 76.201 of the Texas Property Code, the City of Glen Rose is publishing the names of those persons or entities for whom the city is holding unclaimed property.

Steps to Claim your Property:

  • Review the Unclaimed Property Report and search for your name.
  • Complete the Unclaimed Property Claim Form.
  • Submit the Unclaimed Property Form and proper documentation supporting your ownership to Financial Services.
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Unclaimed Property Report

Unclaimed Property Claim Form

Please note that abandoned property is transferred to the State Comptroller’s Office by July 1 of each year as follows:

  • For vendors, if the amounts are over $100 and are more than three years old.
  • For unclaimed refunds with Utility Billing and Municipal Court, if the amounts are over $100 and are more than one year old.

To view property held by the State of Texas, visit the Texas Comptroller Office website.