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Monday-Friday8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


City Hall Phone254-897-2272


Looking for Volunteers – Planning and Zoning Board


…consists of 5 members to be appointed by the city council.

Terms of office. The terms of 3 of the members shall expire on January 5th of each odd-numbered year and the terms of 2 members shall expire on January 15th of each even-numbered year. The members of the commission shall be identified by place numbers 1 through 5. The odd-numbered places shall expire in the odd-numbered years; the even-numbered places shall expire in the even-numbered years. Commission members may be appointed to succeed themselves. Vacancies shall be filled for unexpired terms, but no member shall be appointed for a term in excess of 2 years. Newly appointed members shall be installed at the first regular commission meeting after their appointment. The city council may terminate any commission member upon the cause of an appropriate hearing or upon the absence from three (3) unexcused, consecutive regular commission meetings within a calendar year.

A chairperson and vice-chairperson shall be elected annually from among the commission’s membership [and] at any other times that these offices may become vacant. In the absence of both the chairperson and vice-chairperson, the commission shall elect an acting chairperson.

A secretary shall be appointed from the members of the commission or from staff personnel assigned by the city’s chief executive officer to serve the commission.

The commission shall advise the city council on those matters falling within its charged responsibilities in a manner reflecting concern for the overall development and environment of the city as a setting for human activities.

The members of the commission shall regularly attend meetings and public hearings of the commission and shall serve without compensation, except for reimbursement of authorized expenses attendant to the performance of their duties.

The chairperson, or in his or her absence the vice-chairperson, shall preside at all meetings and shall decide all points of order or procedure. All letters of transmittal from the commission to the city council shall be over the signature of the chairperson.

The secretary shall be the custodian of the minutes and other official records, shall attend to the correspondence of the commission, and shall cause to be given such notices as are required and in the manner prescribed by law.

The planning and zoning commission currently meets on the third (3) Thurday of each month at City Hall.

The planning and zoning commission shall be an advisory body to the city council, and shall make recommendations regarding changes of zoning and permanent zoning to be given to newly annexed areas, and shall make recommendations regarding specific use permits and the approval of the plats of subdivisions as may be submitted to it. The planning and zoning commission shall serve in an advisory capacity on any planning-related item(s) in the city.