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Sewer Rate Calculation

Fixed Residential Rates

The utility department bills all residential accounts a fixed sewer rate. The fixed rate is based on winter averaging water consumption. When you open a new account you will pay a sewer rate equal to the City’s average residential rate until you have established your own rate. This rate is calculated annually based on water consumption during the months of: 

  • December
  • January
  • February

New sewer rates are effective with the March billing each year. 

Requesting Sewer Rate Adjustments

If you have a leak during the averaging months and you want this to be taken into consideration for the possibility of manually adjusting your average sewer rate. You would need to provide copies of your repair bill(s) to the Utility Billing Department with a written request for you average rate to be adjusted. 

You can submit this request after January’s billing through April 25th of each year.

Commercial Rates

Sewer charges for commercial accounts are based on the actual water consumption each month.