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Monday-Friday8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


City Hall Phone254-897-2272


Fire Department

Emergency?  Dial 911.

Local number: 254-897-2135

Fire protection service for the City of Glen Rose is provided by the Somervell County Fire Department.  In December, 2018 the community was awarded a Class 2 ISO by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.  The highest ranking is Class 1, so earning a Class 2 rating is quite an achievement for a fire department in a rural county with a small municipality.  In a congratulatory letter from the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Retired Somervell County Fire Chief Mark Crawford was advised, “You are among the select few to achieve a Class 2 rating in Texas.”  Chief Crawford, members of the Somervell County Fire Department, members of the area 911 Communication Center, and the City’s Public Works Department all deserve kudos for making this possible.  The Class 2 rating makes it very clear that you are being well-served; furthermore, since some insurance companies use the ISO rating in determining property owners’ insurance rates, you may very well reap some financial benefits from this achievement.

Brad Smith
Somervell County Fire Marshal
Brain Jones
Somervell County Fire Chief