2024 Historic Landmark Tax Exemption

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Glen Rose, Texas Code of Ordinances Title XV, CHAPTER 3, SECTION 3.16.009 provides for a tax exemption from the City of Glen Rose’s property tax for a period of 5 years from the date of qualification for properties that meet Historic Landmarks designation requirements. 

To be considered for the 2023 exemption, property owners, including current Historic Landmarks, must: 

  • Complete a City of Glen Rose Historic Preservation District Historic Land Mark Application each year; and
  • Return the completed form with supporting documentation to Glen Rose City Hall by the deadline date of January 4, 2024.

Historic Landmark designation IS NOT limited to properties within the defined boundaries of the Historic Preservation District.

Applications received by the January 4, 2024 deadline will be reviewed for eligibility determination, and applicants will be notified of eligibility status by March 4, 2024.
Owners of qualifying properties must then file a Historic Property Exemption form with the Building and Planning Office at City Hall, which will be submitted to CAD before April 5, 2024, to receive the exemption.