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JOB TITLE: City Administrator

DEPARTMENT:  Administration

REPORTS TO: Mayor and City Council


The City Administrator shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Mayor and City Council for a contractually agreed upon term.  The City Administrator shall serve as the administrative officer of the City and shall be responsible for the proper administration of City affairs. The City Administrator works for the Mayor and City Council.


(This sample list of tasks is for ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions in this class.)

  • Supervises and coordinates the day-to-day operations of each department and its personnel, including the hiring and dismissal of City employees
    • The Council has the final decision on the appointment and dismissal of department heads
  • Complete performance evaluations and make decisions regarding hiring, developing, promoting, disciplining, and terminating members of City staff.
  • Participates in the selection, training, motivation, and evaluation of City staff; provides or coordinates training and works with employees to correct deficiencies and produce full and complete documentation thereof as outlined in the City’s Personnel Handbook
  • Must create and foster a positive work environment and positive working relationships with any organization and or entity with which the City conducts business
  • Investigates the affairs of the City or any department or division thereof, including all complaints relating to matters concerning the administration of the government of the City and in regard to public services. The findings must be reported to the Mayor AND City Council
  • Represents the City at functions with outside organizations, agencies, businesses, and the general public.
  • Maintain clear and consistent communication among the Mayor, City Council, staff, committees, and citizens in order to ensure transparency is a priority
  • Conveys a positive, professional image by action, communication and appearance
  • Authors official correspondence and media releases
  • Works with outside consultants on City projects
  • Provide a weekly and monthly report to City Council
  • Recommends to the Mayor and City Council measures deemed necessary or expedient for the health, safety or welfare of the City or for the improvement of public services of the City to achieve greater cost effectiveness or program results
  • Assists the Mayor and Council in the development of municipal policies and regulations
  • Update and standardize policies and procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • Ensure that state and federal reporting requirements are satisfied
  • Identifies federal and state grants and loans for City Council consideration and acts as directed by City Council
  • Assists the Mayor with preparation of the annual budget
  • Ensures that all laws, ordinances and policies of the City and all franchises, permits and privileges granted by the City are faithfully observed
  • Attends various meetings, including but not limited to City Council, Planning and Zoning commission, Historic Preservation Board and staff meetings, and takes necessary action regarding agenda items.
  • Must be available to Mayor and City Council for meetings pertaining to City operations. (Refer to City Administrator Ordinance for additional powers and duties)
  • Performs other such duties as may be prescribed by the City Council or dictated by the nature of the position
  • Duties may be added, removed or evolve as deemed appropriate by the City Council


  • Works mostly indoors in a comfortable environment
  • Travels to meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.
  • Required to attend frequent evening meetings
  • Subject to intermittent times of stress and frequent calls after hours
  • May be subjected to time pressures, frequent changes to tasks, requests to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, and dealing with the public
  • This position is considered essential and may be required to respond in the event of an area-wide or local emergency


  • Basic knowledge of general management principles including finance and human resources
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to effectively communicate with staff, citizens and stakeholders by written and verbal means including email, social media and addressing the public in a group setting
  • Ability to manage multiple deadlines and timelines simultaneously
  • Ability to make objective, ethical decisions in the best interest of the City and its citizens
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with officials in local, State and Federal government and in the private sector
  • Ability to assimilate a variety of facts and draw sound conclusions
  • Identify and respond to community and City Council issues, concerns and needs
  • Skilled in leadership and motivation
  • Ability to select, develop, organize, motivate and effectively utilize City staff
  • Strategic structural organization of departments
  • Efficient and sufficient staffing, schedules, and workload assignments
  • Working knowledge of local codes, ordinances and State and Federal laws affecting municipalities.
  • Working knowledge of municipal operations and functions
  • Knowledge of municipal budgeting procedures and public financing operations


  • Bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration or related degree with at least five (5) years of experience in City government with major emphasis in management and fiscal affairs; OR
  • Five (5) years to eight (8) years minimum experience in performing above tasks in lieu of degree


  • Class C Texas Driver’s License
  • Eligibility to be bonded
  • Must reside within Somervell County within 90 days of hire
  • Must be willing to submit to and able to pass a background check

Any combination of knowledge, experience, education and skills may be considered as qualification for position.

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