City Secretary's Office

The position of City Secretary is a statutory position required by State Law. In compliance with the City of Glen Rose Code of Ordinances, the City Secretary is appointed by the City Council and is an officer of the city.

The City Secretary is the local official who maintains the integrity of the election process, ensures transparency and access to city records, facilitates the legislative process, and is the records custodian for the city. The City Secretary acts as the compliance officer for federal, state, and local statutes, including the Open Meetings Act and the Public Information Act, and serves as the filing authority for campaign finance reports and financial disclosure statements.

Although the City Secretary’s Office is traditionally associated with municipal elections and recording council meeting minutes, its scope of business also includes the following:

  • Giving notice of and attending all official public meetings of the City Council;
  • Providing administrative support to the City Council;
  • Preparing and distributing City Council agenda and support material;
  • Attending every meeting of the City Council and keeping accurate minutes of the proceedings of the City Council;
  • Administering oaths of office;
  • Coordinating the appointment process to the City’s boards, committees, and commissions;
  • Managing, coordinating, and processing all amendments to the City Code of Ordinances;
  • Serving as the Records Management Officer for the City;
  • Serving as custodian of all official records of the City Council, including agendas, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, etc., as well as agendas and minutes of the various Boards, Commissions, and Committees of the City;
  • Serving as the primary resource from which a citizen can obtain public information under the Public Information Act;
  • Serving as the official keeper of the City Seal, and issuing all proclamations and certificates on behalf of the City.

201 NE Vernon
Glen Rose, TX 76043
United States

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